Saturday, September 01, 2007

Modified Self

After catching up on some friends, I (Jill) realized a while ago I had been tagged to share about the changes in myself. These are just a few ways I can think of in which I have been modified, refined, no particular order:

1. I now have two sets of clothes: House clothes and Street clothes. House clothes consist of t-shirts, shorts, and just plain comfortable things where street clothes always cover as much skin as possible, not tight, not revealing and dressier. I now understand that clothes are not truly dirty until you have worn them consistently for 6 days.

2. Being on time for an appointment is overrated. Remove the stress from life and when I get there or they get there, the appointment will happen.

3. I am now a clean freak in my house. When Cal and I were first married, I would clean whenever we couldn't walk across the floor. Now I can't go a few hours without cleaning or organizing the house. I know it is a sub-conscious effort of regaining the feeling of control in my life. The rest of my world here is so out of control, that I try and make a little part controllable.

4. The horn is one of the most useful mechanisms on a car. When I drive, I use it at least once a minute. It is great to announce you are coming into an intersection, warn others of your presence, going by someones blind spot, or to tell someone to go faster to name a few.

5. Like my friend Brin, I once intensely resisted the idea of being a homeschool mom - now it is one of the highlights of my day.

6. Most days I am the one being changed by God more than I am being used to change anyone or anything here.

7. Everyday things like water, electricity and gas are no longer something I think that I deserve, but a privilege. Each day I wake up and think, "Wow! We have water this morning. Thank you!"

8. 20 million people is actually kinda cozy feeling. I feel very uncomfortable in quiet, calm areas now.

9. I didn't know the deep pain that would go through my heart when I see my children confused (why don't I have grandparents here?), ostracized (I can't understand what they are saying), or understanding they must say good-bye to people they love on both continents, and I know all of this is because of the choice that we made. There are no just hurts more than I thought.

10. I used to be a "To Do" list person. I still enjoy writing lists, but it is just a mental exercise for me and not a measure of success like before. If I get one thing done a day, like getting vegetables, it's a good day. And now my definition of success is if I listened to His voice today.

Now I tag....Laura Mudd, Stacey D, and Beth D


Vicki said...

Thanks for sharing this information. It is good for us to know the changes in your life. It caused me to think about my life changes also.

Anonymous said...

Hi dear niece, hubby & 3 girls,
I've finally realized I need to ck. this blog to learn what's going on! We love hearing from you & like the wisdom in the change/
transformations you told us.

Love, Love, Love, Love, Love,

one-for-each-of-you, Aunt Beth*

Josh and Brin said...

so funny how we are so far apart now but are changes are so similar. i love my horn too!